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I've worked in healthcare for 17 years working as a HR & Finance Manager. I have a background in health& safety, infection control and am currently studying OFQUAL level 3 in Cat Welfare Management.

I have been passionate about animals as far back as I can remember. We currently have 3 cats in our household and each time we go away i struggle to know what sort of care is best, after all commercial catteries are adequate but there is feeling that pets perhaps aren't receiving as much attention and interaction as they need. Home care is ok but what happens if your cat has an accident, is unwell or just miserable and lonely?This led me to develop my dream and build a unique and tailored service for both cats and their owners. My garden is perfect with plenty of peace and quiet, things to look at and best of all I can see everyone from my kitchen window as I wash up! What could be better? A home from home for your cat; good enough to keep coming year after year!

I am a complete animal lover always have been and always will. 

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