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Hollyhocks Cat Hotel vs Cattery - why smaller is better

Traditional catteries are commercial businesses that can be registered up to 90+ cats ! This is a lot to look after and the operating procedures involve regimes for cleaning, feeding; leaving not much chance to for anything else .

We’ve all seen pictures of catteries with rows and rows of pens with miserable and depressed looking cats sat on grubby old garden furniture . The environment neither looks inviting or hygienic and I believe it is this stark image that made me think there must be a better way of looking after peoples cats when their owners go on holiday or need short term accommodation .

If you turn the commercial cattery model on its head; it is possible to design a model which best suits the cat and its welfare needs rather than simply filling pens. The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 specifies staff ratio of one person to every 20 cats ! That is a lot of cats to be responsible for. How can you provide a service parallel to that of a smaller more personalised model putting the cat and its welfare needs at the centre of its core values ?

Hollyhocks works on the principle that one person provides holistic care for up to 10 cats; this enables me to not only carry out exceptionally high standards of hygiene, infection control but also to spend time getting to know the guests staying in our hotel. Booking forms provide the first opportunity for owners to really handover their cats personalities, likes and dislikes , medical history, allergies, food preferences and most importantly what toys they like to play with and if they like a cuddle.

In the hallway I have a comfy chair where I sit and do paperwork, read a magazine and just sit and relax with the cats. I have also been inclined to get in the suite and allow them time to sit on my lap, have a cuddle or a groom.

The best thing of all is Hollyhocks is in my back garden and I can be washing up by the kitchen window and see what your cats are up to! I tuck them in at night. Your cats will truly have a home from home when they come to stay at hollyhocks luxury cat hotel!

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