Green Eyed Cat

Hollyhocks Holidays

Our holidays include our 5 star service which includes your cats usual diet, litter , bedding, toys plus as many Dreamies as they'd like and of course loads of cuddles !

£16/day for one cat & £24/day for two cats


2022 Prices 

£17/day for one cat 

£25/day for two cats  

Cat Sleeping

Hollyhocks Mini Breaks 

All of our holidays have a minimum 3 day booking charge . This ensures we maintain our high standards .Our suites are throughly deep cleaned and beautifully furnished. 

Mini -Breaks start just from £48 until 31/12/2021

£51 from 01/01/2022

Licking Cat

Hollyhocks Upgrades & Additional Delights 

We are able to provide some additional services should your cat require them. 

Catit Water Fountains - £1.00/day

Whiskas Cat Milk - £1.50

Lik-e lix 5 Packs in either Salmon or Chicken - £1.50

Thrive Cat Treats - Chicken, Tuna or White Fish - £3.50

Hollyhocks' Poached Chicken or Salmon Sliced and served on cermaic plates - £3.50


prices will be individually quoted 


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For all enquries please contact us by ;

emailing : hollyhockscathotel@gmail.com



Telephone 07881023177

If you have already confirmed your dates please download our booking form.